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JoAnne & Tim Fowler


Thank you for stopping by my page to learn more about Sweet Southern Gals.  

My name is JoAnne Fowler and I am the proud owner of Sweet Southern Gals.  I live in Rock Hill, SC and am married to an amazing man who supports me and all the hours I put in to run this wonderful boutique.


My daughter, Cristi Florence has just joined my team, picture coming soon, and I could not be happier.  We will not only have a location and sales based out of Rock Hill, SC but we are now expanding our services to Greenville, SC.


What makes us different than other boutiques is our pricing.  SSG sells the same name brands as most online boutiques but we our pricing is 2/3 of what you will pay elsewhere.  Why are selling ourselves short on income? 


Well it is really simple to me. As a pastors wife, women's ministry leader and previous Executive Director of a women's center I found that the old saying  "when a woman looks good they feel good" was true. 


As a boutique shopper for many years myself I heard and saw first hand that pricing was often one of the main reasons why women could not purchase from online boutiques.  As Covid began to shut down stores and shootings were on the rise in my local malls I decided to open Sweet Southern Gals with affordable clothes that EVERY woman could afford.

I have not chosen lesser quality or cheaper clothes.  What I have chosen to do is not to have the same mark-up as other traditional boutiques do.  Sweet Southern Gals purpose is to help women shop this fashions (no consignment stores) at a price they can afford.

If you like my pricing, the brands, the quality of clothes we sell and you like the customer service we provide we ask that you do two things:

1.  Give us a good rating:  On any or all of the 32 search engines on the internet and give us a rating and review us on Facebook, and other social media sites.

2.  Tell your friends about us and encourage them to shop with SSG.

Thank you to my husband and my many friends who have faithfully shopped, encouraged me and ask their friends to shop SSG too.  Without YOU SSG would be just a memory.

JoAnne Fowler

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