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Who should become a SSG Ambassador?

  • Do you love to shop and stay up to date on all the latest and greatest clothing styles for each season? 

  • Do you love to stay in touch with friends and family on social media?

  • Do you like to receive discounts and be the FIRST to know when new inventory comes in?

  • Do you like or are you ok with taking and posting photo's of yourself?

  • Do you like to take surveys to help select and rate products?

If you answered yes to at least 4 of the questions above then you WOULD BE A GREAT SSG AMBASSADOR.  Ambassadors receive 15% off EVERY PURCHASE, GET FREE SHIPPING with every purchase, and can select from new inventory items as soon as they are approved and shipped from warehouses.  Ambassadors receive these benefits in exchange for posting on social media (4-8 times a month).  Post will include photos of Ambassadors wearing SSG clothing , and include rating and reviews for new products.  Ambassadors will also take 1-2 surveys each month regarding potential products.

SSG Ambassador.png

Who should become a "Choice" Member?

  • Once you have made a purchase do you want your items NOW?

  • Do you like to track your product with anticipation of when it will arrive?

  • You realize that small boutiques are not AMAZON so they can not provide free shipping for ALL PURCHASES at the discounted pricing you recieve on your clothes but you want to keep your shipping cost as low as possible?

  • Do you want to be able to ship returns back to SSG at a low shipping cost?

  • Do you like to get your products within 3-7 days after you buy them??

This program is currently being revised.  Check back soon to see how you can save on shipping for regular out of town purchases.



Personal Shipper.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 6.44.25 AM.png

SSG Personal Shopper Mystery Box Member

  • Do you like to be the first to wear a new color, style and/or accessory?

  • Are you loosing or have lost weight and struggle with choosing the best clothes for your new body type and size?

  • Would you like to know what colors look best on you based on your skin tone, hair color and the season?

  •  Do you love to get gifts and do you love surprises?

  • Do you like to try new things and get new things?

If you answered yes to at least 4 of the questions above then you WOULD BE A SSG Personal Shopper Mystery Box  Member. "Personal Mystery Box Members subscribe to receive a mystery box for a flat rate of $25 per month membership fee.  The mystery box includes free shipping and a return envelop for members to return items that do not fit or they not want.  Members will receive two pieces of clothing, an accessory and and a surprise item in the PSM box each month.  Items will be priced at a discount and specifically purchased JUST FOR YOU.  The $25 personal shopper fee is deducted from the total of items you choose to keep.  Example. You have the following items in your box: 2 shirts, $15 & $18, a Belt $12, & a surprise item $5 equals a total of $50.00  You have already paid $25 so if you keep all the items you will be billed for $25 plus tax.  

If your purchase is less than $25 you will not receive a refund.  The $25 fees covers the cost of the time the personal shopper spends locating items JUST FOR YOU, shipping cost to you, packaging used and shipping cost back to SSG.  There is no contract so you can cancel at anytime.  You can also pause a month if your income is low or you are traveling a lot during a particular month.  Let us help find and fill your closet with clothes that are just for YOU!

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